Our Staff

Administration and Support

Georgia Eye Bank is a small nonprofit organization, but is managed similar to that of a much larger, high-tech medical device company. The Administration and Support team provides senior leadership, accounting/finance, HR, information technology, and facility management. Grant writing, fundraising, organizational strategic planning and development are all performed by management.

  • Jeff Campbell
  • David Collerain
  • Becky Henderson
  • Steven Kasper
  • Eric Meinecke, CEBT
  • David Thompson

Donor Coordination

Our process begins with our highly trained Donor Coordinators. They are responsible for medical screening of potential donors, donor family communications, and recovery scheduling/logistics. Donor Coordinators interact daily with funeral home professionals, coroners/medical examiners, and partnering organ and tissue recovery agencies. Georgia Eye Bank’s Donor Coordination team is staffed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to honor the wishes of eye donors and their families.

  • Vanessa Amadi
  • Annalisa Botchway
  • Jasmine Cameron
  • Elizabeth Carreno
  • Nia Colon
  • Jalicia Dunn
  • Kimanie Flowers
  • Emelia Hester
  • Meredith Murry
  • Kim Myers
  • Alex Prieto
  • Nick Smith
  • Max Stapleton

Laboratory Services

When the eye tissue arrives at the laboratory, a team of talented staff begin the process of evaluating the tissue and reviewing the donor’s medical records. Extensive information must be gathered and reviewed in a short time frame to determine donor eligibility and tissue suitability. The release and distribution of tissue is also coordinated and performed by our Laboratory Technicians. All tissue for surgical use is thoroughly screened for recipient safety. Only the highest quality tissue makes it through our extensive quality control measures. We strictly adhere to all FDA regulations and EBAA Medical Standards. Certain types of corneal transplant procedures require additional laboratory tissue processing which is done at our state-of-the-art facility according to individual surgeon specifications.

  • Andrea Cortes
  • Destiny Flott
  • Adam Hayder
  • Ann Kent, CEBT
  • Lindsey Magnicheri
  • Monica Mullins, CEBT
  • Saira Quraishy, CEBT
  • Juliette Rosario
  • Jacie Russell
  • Lauren Sublett
  • Laura Thomas, CEBT

Public & Professional Relations

Our Public & Professional Relations team develops and maintains relationships with entities and agencies that we depend on for a successful eye donation program. Public & Professional Relations involves high-level communication and education with hospitals, hospices, coroner/medical examiners and funeral homes. In addition to developing and attending donation awareness events, our Public & Professional Coordinators respond to requests for public education and engage with stakeholders to make sure Georgia Eye Bank is providing the best service possible.

  • Tony Kight
  • Julie Pauksta
  • Janice Sedgwick, CEBT

Quality Systems & Regulatory Affairs

Everyone at Georgia Eye Bank is responsible for quality, and our Quality Systems team ensures that proper protocols and procedures are in place to achieve and maintain our very high standards. Eye Banking is a highly-regulated industry. Our staff ensures that the eye bank remains in total compliance with all regulations and standards applicable to eye banking activities. Environmental monitoring/testing, process validation, corrective action/preventative actions and required reporting to official agencies are responsibilities of Quality Systems.

  • Jacquelyn Dowdley
  • Cuevas Edwards
  • Agnes Kisseih
  • Susan Littlefield

Board of Trustees

Chris Glazier

Public Relations Executive
Jackson Spalding

Joseph A. Guerrisi

Senior Vice President
Worldwide Express, Inc.

Matthew Hudgins, CFA

Mosaic Wealth Management, LLC

G. Barry Lacy

Retired, United Parcel Service

W. Barry Lee, M.D.

Co-Medical Director
Eye Consultants of Atlanta

Vanessa-Lauren Massie

Chief Transformation Officer
The Raleigh House

Eric Meinecke

President & CEO
Georgia Eye Bank, Inc.

Terence G. Norman

Director, Human Resources
Birla Carbon Group

Richard L. Shackelford, Esq.

Vice Chair
Retired Partner, King & Spalding

R. Doyle Stulting, M.D. Ph.D.

Co-Medical Director
Chief Medical Officer, Ocumetics

Russell G. Thornton, CFM

VP, Wealthcare Capital Management

Bruce H. Varnum

Chair, Board of Trustees
Georgia Eye Bank, Inc.

Farish Wheeler

Mount Bethel Elementary School

A. Kimbrough Davis, Esq.

Trustee Emeritus

Bruce L. Dick

Trustee Emeritus

Medical Advisory Committee

Co-Medical Directors

W. Barry Lee, MD

R. Doyle Stulting, MD, Ph.D.

Associate Medical Directors

Stephen Hamilton, MD

T. Peter Lindquist, MD

Additional Members

Mohammad Anwar, DO

Eugene B. Gabianelli, MD

D. Brian Kim, MD

Joung (John) Y. Kim, MD

Evan D. Schoenberg, MD

Richard R. Schulze Jr., MD

Heather M. Weissman, MD

Medical Director Emeritus

Alan M. Kozarsky, MD