Georgia Eye Bank has provided over 60,000 sight-restoring corneas since 1961!


Currently, GEB provides over 2,000 corneas for transplant each year!


We are very passionate about helping people maintain and restore their sight. Our organization provides solace to grieving donor families by providing an opportunity for something positive to come from the loss of a loved one. To accomplish our mission, Georgia Eye Bank provides education to the public and health care professionals throughout Georgia.

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Over 90% of all corneal transplant operations successfully restore the corneal recipient’s vision.




Georgia Eye Bank has a long and proud history of serving others. Many wonderful people and organizations have been involved in the eye bank’s growth and development.

In the early days, the eye bank was located at Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta. The Lions Clubs of Georgia and the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation were instrumental in getting the eye bank first established and helping guide that growth for many years.

In 1974, the eye bank became affiliated with the Department of Ophthalmology at Emory University. Between 1974 and the early 1990s, Georgia Eye Bank thrived and the number of corneas provided for transplant steadily increased.

In 1992, Emory Eye Center could no longer provide the necessary space for a growing eye bank program so Georgia Eye Bank relocated and became an independent organization, unaffiliated with any hospital/health system.

With its main office and laboratory in the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia Eye Bank continues to serve the entire state of Georgia and also provides tissue for recipients throughout the United States and around the world.

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Georgia Eye Bank and the EBAA

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Georgia Eye Bank has a long tradition of service to the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA). Established in 1961, EBAA champions the restoration of sight through core services to its members which advance donation, transplantation and research in their communities and throughout the world. As one of the most active member organizations in the association’s history, Georgia Eye Bank shares and celebrates EBAA’s core values (Quality, Collaboration, Innovation, Advocacy and Service).