Georgia Eye Bank is seeking Medical Professionals with a minimum of one year aseptic technique experience to work in their local area in a contracted position. Recovery Technicians excise donor tissue utilizing sterile technique to be evaluated and transplanted or used for ocular research.


To apply, please fill out an application at


Essential Duties of the Position:

  • – Travel to location of donor (e.g. hospital, ME/Coroner office, funeral home)
  • – Review and verification of legal authorization
  • – Assess eligibility of donors for recovery according to EBAA Medical Standards, FDA regulations and GEB Standard Operating Procedures
  • – Identification of the donor (e.g. ID band, toe tag, morgue cooler label)
  • – Perform and document detailed physical inspection
  • – Always adhere to Standard Precautions during entire recovery process
  • – Obtain adequate blood samples (pre and postmortem) that are eligible for infectious disease testing
  • – Perform recovery (whole eye enucleations and in situ corneal excisions)
  • – Collect vitreous for Coroners/MEs
  • – Perform donor restoration
  • – Perform all required documentation in a thorough, complete and professional manner
  • – Package tissue, blood samples, and documentation appropriately for transportation to GEB laboratory
  • – Ensure effective and positive communications are maintained with hospital staff, MEs/Coroners, tissue banks, OPO, and funeral homes
  • – Attend required meetings and training sessions


Decision Making Authority:

  • – Follow all GEB SOPs as outlined in manuals, training documents and memos/e-mails from Recovery Services & Training Supervisor as well as Manager of Technical Operations
  • – Consult supervisor or SOC as needed


Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

  • – HS Diploma or equivalency required
  • – Bachelor’s degree in science, RN, surgical tech or other healthcare professionals (EMT/Paramedics, ER techs, etc.) preferred
  • – Expertise, skills and knowledge of ophthalmology or eye bank procedures also preferred
  • – Valid driver’s license and insured/safe motor vehicle


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities necessary to perform essential functions:

  • – Knowledgeable on Aseptic Technique
  • – Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) or EMT/Paramedic preferred
  • – Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • – Strict attention to detail
  • – If not previously acquired, expectation to establish and maintain good understanding of medical terminology
  • – Ability to learn and follow all GEB SOPs regarding donor recovery
  • – Compassionate demeanor when dealing with grieving families
  • – Ability to effectively multi-task
  • – Flexible work schedule including nights, weekends and holidays
  • – Must maintain confidentiality and integrity of all donor-related information and GEB business practices
  • – Dedication and commitment to eye banking and fulfilling the wishes of donors and their families


Physical/Environmental Demands of the Position:

  • – Physical Activities – reaching, fingering, grasping, precision dexterity, feeling, talking, seeing, hearing, writing, driving and walking
  • – Level of Physical Requirements – moderate work. Must be able to lift 50 lbs independently
  • – Environmental Conditions – generally in hospital, ME/Coroner office or funeral home
  • – Exposure to computers, cell phones and other office equipment. Exposure to cornea preservation media and other recovery supplies and reagents.