The Medical Advisory Board of the Eye Bank Association of America updated its medical standards effective 1/1/2020, and again 9/1/2020, based on data from, and recovery protocol developed by, the Georgia Eye Bank (GEB).  In response to a growing number of fungal infections nationally, especially after endothelial keratoplasty procedures,  GEB implemented additional steps during the recovery process to decontaminate corneal tissue.  Specifically, GEB recognized that when 5% povidone-iodine was applied twice to the donor cornea during the donor preparation, the incidences of positive rim cultures and infections significantly decreased.  Many eye banks have adopted the “GEB Protocol” (5 minutes of 5% PI, rinse, and second 5 minutes of 5% PI).

Click here to read an article published in Cornea, the Journal of Cornea & External Disease.

Since 1961, GEB has been helping shape and advance eye banking.  This latest contribution to reducing infections in transplant recipients demonstrates GEB’s continued commitment to tissue quality and recipient safety.