GEB History

Georgia Eye Bank, Inc. (GEB) was established in 1961 to provide donor eye tissue for transplantation and research. The eye bank was first located at Grady Memorial Hospital and then in 1973, became affiliated with Emory University. In 1992, the eye bank advanced into an independent organization so it could continue to develop and expand its service. With its main office and laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia Eye Bank continues to serve the entire state of Georgia and also provides tissue for recipients throughout the United States and internationally.

Corneal transplantation was first performed successfully by Dr. Eduard Zirm in 1905. In 1961, the Eye Bank Association of America was formed. Eye banking has changed and evolved dramatically since then and laws were developed to protect and guide that growth. Today, approximately 1,500 people in the state of Georgia have their sight successfully restored through corneal transplantation each year! Thousands receive benefit from research studies using donated human eye tissue.