Donate Eye Tissue

If you saw a blind person groping for a door, would you help them? Of course you would! That’s why we’re sure you’ll want to help us bless those living in darkness through your own decision to donate your eyes following your death and/or help us extend our mission by giving financially to the Georgia Eye Bank.

It’s important to remember that donating your eyes is encouraged by all major religions, costs nothing to you or your family, not to mention the obvious blessing to the recipients. By saying yes, you would join nearly 1,000,000 people who have given the Gift of Sight. However, if you choose not to donate in this manner, please consider helping us pay for making this miracle possible by checking the option provided. Of course, we would be very pleased if you would donate in both ways! Eye donation is a benefit to all. Your decision to help today will:

  • Renew life through the Gift of Sight
  • Help find a cure for blindness through research
  • Improve the quality of someone else’s life
  • Lessen the impact of grief by helping others
  • Provide a beautiful memorial through financial giving

Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

Becoming an eye donor is an easy and simple process. Once you have decided to make a difference in someone’s life by giving the Gift of Sight, sign up on the Donate Life Georgia donor registry. This single registry allows you to make your wishes known regarding donations of your eyes as well as other tissues and organs.